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Judgment Collections

A good trial attorney can win an impressive judgment for a client. Many individual plaintiffs obtain significant default judgments in the General Sessions courts of Tennessee. But if the defendant does not have insurance and is uncooperative in paying the judgment, you need a zealous collections attorney who can investigate defendants and their assets and collect from those assets legally and ethically. If you retain Todd W. Gee to collect your judgment, here is what you can expect:

  • Comprehensive Investigation of the Judgment Debtor's Location and Assets  
    • Todd uses social media and other internet-based resources to locate judgment debtors and their assets. 
    • Additionally, Todd works with a local business that provides skip-tracing services to locate the most elusive debtors.
  • Diverse Methods of Collecting Your Judgment
    • Demand Letters
    • Judgment Liens on Real Property
    • Wage Garnishments
    • Bank Levies
    • Writs of Execution on Personal Property
      • If necessary, Todd W. Gee will personally show up with a writ of execution at a judgment debtor's residence or place of business, accompanied by local law enforcement.
      • A writ of execution allows Todd to seize the judgment debtor's personal property, such as automobiles, campers, electronics, tools, jewelry, and cash for the purpose of satisfying your judgment. 
      • Often this approach motivates the judgment debtor to immediately obtain a certified check or money order to satisfy the judgment. 
  • Ethical, Legally-Compliant Collections Activity
    • Todd W. Gee is careful to work within the limits of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and other federal and state statutes. 
    • Todd ensures that his demand letters contain all statutorily-required language. 
    • Todd keeps telephone contact with judgment debtors to a minimum, reducing compliance issues.  
    • If a bankruptcy stay prevents Todd from maintaining collections activity, he will promptly file the appropriate claim in bankruptcy court. 
  • Contingency-Based Fee Arrangements
    • Todd W. Gee can pursue most collections on a contingency basis. 
      • Unless Todd collects money from the judgment debtor, he does not get paid.
      • Todd's fee is an agreed-upon percentage of the total amount collected. 
    •  All you need to pay up front is a reasonable amount of pre-paid collection expenses, which in some cases can be waived.